#Newtonwalk Digital workshops – 11th -13th September

Social Media and Walking workshops – hosted by Richard White

Dates 11th -13th September  Location : Grantham Museum.

Here’s what you can bring along:

Media contributions

Audio Contributions

Richard will be offering the following:

1) Setting up your social media accounts:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  •  Flickr
  •  Audioboo
  •  YouTube

And more….come along and ask. Absolute beginners welcome!

2) Sharing social media safely

  • Using your accounts to create a shared digital artwork
  • Using buddybeacons to link up with walking networks
  • Viewranger
  • Social Hiking 

3) Walking and gathering sounds and images on a walk

Using our accounts we’ll go for a walk and gather content for the project.

This workshop will be very useful for any walkers planning to take part on foot or remotely in the Gravity Fields Festival walks with Ali and Richard

Small groups, possibly one to one. Bring your own smart device, or come with a friend who has one.

The workshops will be flexible and run as follows:

Thursday 11 September

11.00-1.00         Setting up(1)

2.00-4.00           Sharing (2)

5.00-7.00           Sharing (2) plus a short evening walk


Friday 12 September

9.00-11.00         Setting up(1)

11.00-1.00         Sharing (2)

2.00-6.00           Walking and gathering(3)

Saturday 13 September

11.00-1.00         Setting up(1)

2.00-4.00           Sharing(2)

4.00-6.00           Walking and gathering(3)

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