Connecting back to Sir Isaac Newton – can you help?

One of the great joys of this project is being able to share the stories from people who have managed to trace back their ancestry to almost the time of Sir Isaac Newton himself. Perhaps someone out there may be able to help – look forward to seeing your comments below!

This from Peter Newton

“My family had always joked that we were related to Isaac Newton. My wife Glenys worked in the Library Service many years ago. She related this to a customer who had asked her if she was related to the great man and was told that if we were a Newton from the south of the county then we were more likely to be related. My wife thought us Newtons originated from Metheringham, so she discounted us to the customer and it was only when she related the incident back to us that she learned of our Ancaster origins. Glenys has researched her own family history for many years, but hers is diverse and UK wide. You can imagine she was pleased to get into the Archives at Lincoln and search for our more local family history. This attachment is as far as it goes because there are two Thomas Newtons born in the same area at the same time. She knows how easy it is to cross families in these instances and didn’t want to go down the same route with us.”


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