Guest Post: Russell Newton and Mr Newton’s New Perspective

The Newton Tree Party would like to welcome a special series of contributions from historian Russell Newton. Russell is a descendant of Isaac Newton’s uncle, Robert Newton and is currently researching a revisionist autobiography that retraces Isaac Newton’s life from a fresh perspective. Turning away from the detail of his scientific and mathematical work Russell’s work has focussed on the everyday aspects of Newton’s life, including his familial relations, his household, friends, and areas of his life that have so far remained unnoticed. Alongside this Russell is also researching a phd at Durham University on Isaac Newton’s cousins, the baronets of Culverthorpe Hall.

Russell’s research has helped form the Newton’s Footsteps project that retraces Newton’s life and family connections in the local landscape. Here he shares some fascinating research from his forthcoming book – Mr Newton’s New Perspective.

Russell Newton and community members exploring Isaac Newton's family connections in South Kesteven.

Russell Newton and community members exploring Isaac Newton’s family connections in South Kesteven.



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