Share your Newton multimedia memorabilia !

Gravity Fields/Newtons Footsteps:

…a global social media adventure in the heritage of Sir Isaac Newton….

 Richard White and Ali Pretty

Call for media contributions:


Photographs, scans and audio on the following themes:

Historic Newton

Traces of places and landscapes that Newton would have seen

Newton Knowledge

Interpretations of Newton’s thoughts and discoveries

Newton Memorabilia….how Newton is remembered now

Myths, icons, motifs…statues, brands, signs, plaques

Share Here:

Join the Flickr group, In Newton’s Footsteps and post your images here:[email protected]/

Richard White will work with these for a participatory online exhibition a temporary installation at the museum in Grantham.

Early contributions will inform Ali Pretty’s designs for flags for the Newton Tree Party walk.

Workshops at Grantham Museum:  8-13 September

Ali Pretty:  8-13 September

Richard White: 11- 13 September

Join the Festival walks live online or on foot

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